Ruth Danziger

BA Hons. (English), Expressive Art Therapy (DISIS)

Ruth Danziger - BA Hons. (English), Expressive Art Therapy (DISIS)

Ruth Danziger is a Toronto-Based storyteller and puppeteer, expressive arts therapist, and workshop leader/educator. As an associate of Community Works, she has delivered training workshops on storytelling and puppetry in Northern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, and has worked with us to develop and deliver intergenerational creativity gatherings.  


As a storyteller, Ruth performs at storytelling gatherings and festivals, and has facilitated workshops for community groups such as Storytelling Toronto, Village of Storytellers, Spiral Garden,and Afrofest.  She has been involved with The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program for over 20 years, as the past director of the Toronto division and as a senior program teacher. 


As an educator, Ruth worked with the From 3 to 3 Program to develop curricula for primary school teachers and has edited two story collections: Grandmother Spider and other Folktales to Tell and I Bring You a Story: Folktales that have Travelled.She is a faculty member at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute where she currently teaches Puppetry in Art Therapy. 


Ruth has worked as an expressive art therapist both in a hospital setting and in private practice. 


And yes, although many years have passed, Ruth was a puppeteer on CBC television. For those of you who watched Mr. Dressup, Ruth’s alter-ego was the puppet Annie.  


Whether as a performer or a workshop leader/educator, Ruth creates safe and vibrant spaces where stories come alive and where participants have the opportunity to listen deeply to their own and to each other’s stories.   


Ruth can be reached by e-mail at: