These videos were produced by participants in  At the Heart of the Matter workshops.

NOTE: The storytellers have given Community Works permission to upload their stories onto this  site. Please respect their privacy by not downloading or distributing them elsewhere.  

Gifts of language and land and culture and of roots as strong and deep as the ceiba tree.

A woman remembers her grandmother and their days together on the trapiline, a way of life that is gone forever.

A young woman learns from widows in Rwanda to honour her own story of loss and  that it is possible to forgive the unforgivable.

A  granddaughter’s ‘rock’,  a girl who gets the best of her tormentors, and  making sure that a grandmother’s teachings live on.

The best days of childhood, a return to reality, and helping families experience the joys of living the outdoor life.

Surviving violence, searching for a home and the fullness of life,  and finally  getting there.   CONTENT ADVISORY: This story addresses gender-based violence.

Fleeing violence, bringing life stories into the classroom, and the truth of a grandmother’s words.

A childhood of silence and music, becoming an advocate, and finding one’s own voice.

Rescuing a fish, creating  a safe home, and finally being  in control

A beloved mentor draws a boy into the company of others, and into the  world of music and  harmony

 An auntie’s constant love and affection in the face of family secrets help a girl feel she belongs.

Truths and lies and the secret gardens in us and all around us.

Truths and lies and the secret gardens in us and all around us.

A long night, a hard year, and moving from darkness into light with the help of a totem.

A women’s story of adoption, a reflection in the mirror, and a claiming of a multi-layered  identity

A story of a neglected boy who opened the door to a life filled with music.

A total dad-and-daughter team, a father’s untimely death, and a beautifully hideous green lamp  

A keeper of secrets, a friend’s truth, and finally naming one’s own.

Holding tight and letting go, and a love between two sisters that reaches beyond the Canary Islands.

A story about inter-generational trauma and an enduring love between a grandmother and granddaughter. 

A story about how the natural world and the voices of the ancestors help a youth heal from his many losses.

The warmth of a Kenyan childhood, the cold of an adopted land, and a grand-mother's gift that can be taken anywhere.

A story about an uncle’s gift of music and a love that endures for a thousand years.

A cat-faced spider, a friendship between  older women,  and a meditation on visibility.

Old and new identities: A young man's search for integration after converting to Islam. 

A reflection on love, loss and friendship by a White girl living in an Aboriginal world.

 A girl who used strings - real, imaginary, and on a guitar - to find her way in the world. 

Childhood needs, crossing streets, and the sweetness of flowers and apricots.

The loss of a beloved child, a healing fable, and visiting dragonflies.

A golden childhood, some nasty curves, and finding the way back home.

The loss of a mother, different kinds of silence, and mothers and daughters listening to each other's stories.

Designed by Adam Fainman