Exploring Stories through Imagery

We humans are carriers and gatherers of a multitude of stories. We hold these stories in our hearts and minds and often use visual representations – drawings, painting, photos, film… to capture, and later evoke those memories.


In this workshop participants will learn how to compose a compelling video image track that supports and enhances a voiced story. 


Using best practices in personal storytelling and expertise in on-line digital editing, experienced facilitators will help participants explore the stories captured in imagery, and learn to manipulate images digitally to add layers of meaning to a story.  


This workshop includes:

  • Presentations and discussions on the use of images to tell stories

  • Screenings of digital stories that demonstrate effective use of images and visual composition

  • Introduction to the basics of the WeVideo digital editing program

  • Recording voicetracks and audio editing

  • Laying out audio and image tracks, including music and ambient sound

  • Editing and animating images, including cropping, ‘Ken Burns’ effect, collaging, spit-screens, etc.

  • Adding and editing text: titles, credits, dedications, captions

  • 1-on-1 mentorship on request

  • The workshop will end with a screening of participants’ draft videos


Participants will bring to the first session a short written piece (250 – 500 words) to record as a “voiceover” narration. The text can be a treasured poem, a short story, or a section of a story. It can be something written by the participant or by another author.  


The 6 hour course will be delivered online, using Zoom video conferencing. The digital editing program used in the workshop is WeVideo; it is a powerful, easy-to-use program for creating and editing videos. Each participant will be provided with their own WeVideo account for the duration of the workshop.


Requirements:  Desktop, laptop or larger tablet computer with stable broadband internet access, and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 15+ or Microsoft Edge web browser. Basic computer skills. Previous experience with video editing software is not necessary.


This workshop is for:

  • Participants from That Reminds Me of a Story 1 workshop who want to create a video of their written story

  • Community groups, not for profit organizations, and faith and cultural groups, whose members want to create digital stories about their lives and work 

  • Anyone interested in learning  creative applications of WeVideo editing software

Workshop Details:


LENGTH:      2 hrs. weekly plus 1-on-1 support

DATES:          3 Thursdays, April 29, May 6 & 13, 2021

TIMES           6:00 to 8:00 pm Central Time

LOCATION:   Online via Zoom video conferencing


TUITION:      $225 + gst