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In this workshop small groups of participants will:


  • Learn the components of effective storytelling through lecture and screened examples

  • Explore first person stories in a story circle

  • Create 250 - 450 word story scripts and record them as voiceovers

  • Gather/create images  and music/sounds

  • Learn WeVideo video editing

  • Integrate voiceover, images and sound tracks with WeVideo


The workshop will end with a screening of participants’ stories.


The workshop process we follow is used internationally by health and social service providers,  educators, and oral history researchers, and by groups committed to building  safer, more just, and healthier communities.


  • Home and Community

  • Our Connection to the Earth

  • Let Justice Roll

  • Gender and Identity

  • Voices of the Grandparents


Other workshop themes can be tailored to the interests of your group or organization.


  • Six 2-hour sessions weekly or twice weekly

  • Up to 4 hours of one-on-one mentorying with facilitators

  • You can expect to spend approximately 24 hours, give or take, over the course of 3 weeks.This includes group and individual tutorials and independent work.



These workshops are for anyone and everyone who believes that we all have stories that are waiting to be told and that the stories we tell from our own lives matter.


We restrict the size of each workshop to 6 participants to ensure that each storyteller has the support they need to explore and craft their digital story to their own satisfaction.


You will need a computer (Mac, PC, Chromebook) with an internet connection and updated web browser.


The facilitator asked me the best questions and that allowed me to find my story. I never expected this workshop to be so intensely emotional and rewarding. 

Maria Blackhawk, Addictions Worker, Northwest Angle 33 First Nations

​TUITION:  $450 + gst each workshop (CND funds)

Note: Reduced price for "Stories from Our Pandemic World" - $300 + gst

NOTE:  If your organization has 4-6 individuals who would like to explore stories on a specific theme, we can deliver a customized workshop for you.


Featured Digital Story

A mysterious benefactor; a shibusa vase..... kindness in the world after a family's time in a Japanese internment camp.

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