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As caring adults, we want our children and grandchildren to live full and satisfying lives. Yet we know that they can experience trauma and loss, and that under such circumstances they can lose hope in themselves and in others.


Many adults feel uncertain about how best to support and guide children and youth in today’s complex and troubling world. Yet when given the opportunity to share and reflect on our own life experiences, we learn that there is much we can do to help them remain resilient and open to life.


In this workshop, participants examine two aspects of resilience: Deep Roots and Strong Wings. With deep roots, children know that they belong and are valued for who they are. With strong wings, children know that they have the skills they need to successfully navigate their world.

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  • Attachment theory: The primary needs of children and youth

  • The link between disrupted attachment and addictions

  • Recognizing and supporting hidden resilience in at-risk children and youth

  • Who are our children’s teachers?: Comparing the 'Attachment Village' and the 'Electronic Village'


This workshop introduces participants to relevant psychological theory and therapy practices. The emphasis is on learning through storytelling, art-based exercises and group reflection.


  • Frontline Workers

  • Youth Workers

  • Addictions Workers

  • Family Support Workers

  • Teachers

  • Day Care Staff

  • Mental Health Counsellors

  • CFS Workers

  • Parents, Elders and Youth


The workshop has given me insight as to why both children and adults need to belong, be touched, be encouraged, and have their accomplishments celebrated. It has helped me understand why our teenagers don’t want to ‘walk’ with us. It will help me with my own parenting.

Caroline Ignace-Spade, Mental Health Counsellor (Sioux Lookout, ON.)

'Quilt' pieces made by workshop participants on the theme of 'The Attachment Village'.

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