VISION:     Community Works envisions a society in which individuals, families, and communities apply their stories, wisdom, and strengths to address critical challenges and to help build safer, more just, and healthier futures. 

MISSION:     We create spaces for addressing challenges and celebrating accomplishments through sharing stories and diverse perspectives. Our workshops provide individuals and groups with tools to imagine new possibilities and engage in individual and collective change.



Digital Storytelling Workshops
Go Online!

Community Works Manitoba has been delivering Digital Storytelling Workshops since 2014. These workshops offer participants the opportunity to explore significant first person stories, create 2-5 minute videos of these stories, and join other storytellers engaged in the same creative process.


Because of the Covid 19 pandemic and the availability of cloud-based editing we are now offering a series of workshops online.

New Partnerships

Community Works is pleased to announce three new partnerships.

We are working with

Thrive Community Support Circle

in Winnipeg's West End to develop

and deliver a multi-media storytelling

project with Indigenous and

Newcomer storytellers.


Hello SpeechWorks

has invited us to work

with them to help people with aphasia share their life stories.

                   Community Works is partnering

                   with North End Women's Resource

                     Centre on a multi-media storytelling project called Meeting in the Circle: Reclaiming the

 Stories of our Past, Present and Future. This project  commemorates the history and legacy of residential schools.

Featured Digital Story

"We are story. All of us. What comes to matter then is the creation of the best possible story we can while we’re here; you, me, us, together. When we can do that and we take the time to share those stories with each other, we get bigger inside, we see each other, we recognize our kinship – we change the world, one story at a time…”

―  Richard Wagamese

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Music for Life

Community Works has joined a volunteer Winnipeg-based group called Music for Life

to support music projects for children and youth in Indigenous communities and inner-city neighbourhoods in Manitoba, Saskatchewan

and northwest Ontario.  

Summer music camp at Mikisew High School, Cross Lake, Manitoba,  August 2019

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