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Sarah Miller

Board Member

Sarah Miller  MA (Theatre and Media for Development), MSW

After a fairly typical path through school and university, Sarah spent her twenties following her interest in community-engaged media and art-making. This led to encounters in many places and with many people, including rural Maine where she interviewed poets for a radio documentary, a squat in North Philadelphia where she lived with pirate radio pioneers, and Durban, South Africa where she made art and audio recordings with young people. Sarah has led audio storytelling projects in Northern Manitoba with Community Works. Her own audio documentaries have been aired on the CBC, US public radio, and on community radio stations.

On her return to Canada 10 years ago, Sarah landed in Toronto and got involved in the community-engaged arts community, co-creating performances and productions with diverse groups of people and professional artists. The through-line in this meandering path is an interest in hearing and telling stories, and a belief in the power of stories to affect personal and social change. 

Sarah is now a mother to two young girls and a disability advocate fighting for inclusive spaces for all in schools and communities. She is Chair of the board of an alternative school for youth, Passages Centre for Self-Directed Learning.  The latest step in her personal learning journey involved completing a Master of Social Work degree. Sarah currently works in Toronto alongside young people and their families as they navigate hard times, supporting them as they tap into their wisdom, knowledge, skills, and hope for the future.