Sarah Miller

MA (Theatre and Media for Development)

Sarah Miller - MA (Theatre and Media for Development)

Sarah Miller is a Toronto-based community arts facilitator and audio producer specializing in workshop facilitation, project development and management, training and program evaluation. As an associate of Community Works, she has led audio storytelling projects in Northern Manitoba communities and has assisted in generating funding for program delivery through proposal writing.


Over the past decade Sarah has run creative workshops and projects with diverse communities in different parts of the world – Canada, the US, the UK and South Africa. In 2012-2013 she worked as a community artist with Jumblies Theatre in Toronto. With her background in radio and audio production, many of her projects have this medium at its core. But she draws on a wide range of interests and skills – poetry and creative writing; theatre and movement; photography; painting and more - to help people express something of themselves in creative ways, and to bring people together through the collective sharing of stories, ideas, and inspiration.  Her work is an expression of her belief in the power of the arts to transform people and communities. 


Sarah’s radio work has aired on the CBC, US public radio and on community radio stations.


In 2013 Sarah became a mother. At this time she is applying her creative efforts to mothering. She looks forward to continuing to use creativity-based processes for community empowerment when her baby is a little older. For more information about Sarah see